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The Digit Mint tool is designed to empower businesses to perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). We enable your organization to re-design products effectively, de-risk your value chain, optimize internal processes, and enhance customer trust through actionable LCA insights.

Why Digit Mint ?

Digit Mint offers a solid LCA solution designed for businesses:

Impact focused

True sustainability requires action. Digit Mint equips you with a comprehensive tool so you can use life cycle assessments not only to evaluate your product’s environmental impact, but also to implement new business strategies that deliver tangible results.


Achieving a sustainable future for your organization is a team effort. Digit Mint's software solutions amplify stakeholder engagement, empowering everyone to contribute easily and effectively to your sustainability journey.

Science driven

Make your sustainability efforts count by relying on evidence-based methods. Digit Mint's solutions incorporate the latest scientific research on impact assessment, providing you with the robust factual foundation needed for making informed, effective trade-offs.

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